We are a Canadian rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. If you love us tell us. Our music is on Itunes. Facebook us!

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Great discovery!

Hey guys! I had’nt been on tumblr for a while and just noticed you were following me! So I came here, thought “Guardian” was great and now I am listening to your music on your myspace and I must say I really like it! Original rock/metal music and guitar riffs with a beautiful voice on it, what else? ;)

So thanks for the discovery and good luck for the band in the future, I will keep on following you! :)

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I like this band, and maybe you will too :)

Dear fellow meows, I’m sharing this video because I am a fan of a band called STILL LIFE. They are local, talented,full of passion and in it with every bit of their HEARTS. That’s just what we need, more REAL inspiring music that makes the hair on your neck stand up and your heart race :). I believe they can really spice up the Hamilton music scene. If you happen to like their sound, share the video! Not only are they good but their lyrics make you wanna pick up that dusty violin again or get on that drum set or where ever your passion lies and give ER’. I think a band that can make you do that deserves lots of exposure! So Any who thought I’d Share and I hope you like their very FIRST video. share if you want  <3 Sarah

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One of the best songs I’ve heard in awhile. Love the instrumentals guys, and your voice just brings life to your lyrics. I’ve not been mesmerized by a song in way too long, Great Work and keep rocking.

BTW- I would kill to get a hold of those guitar tabs, any place I can? Email me plz? I’d love to jam to Guardian soon!